Brendas Paintings

I have fallen in love with the landscape here in the Yellowstone Teton territory.  Many hours, days and years spent guiding on these rivers provide the inspiration for my paintings.

I am awed by the beauty of these places, and through the process of painting deepen my connection to these landscapes and rivers.  I hope to share this connection with you through my work.

Commissioned paintings

I happily accept commission work!

Contact me at for more information.

Current offerings

I am currently having technical difficulties posting new art. I apologize for the inconvenience. If you would like to see my most current paintings, please contact me and I will make it available to you. Thanks for looking! - Brenda 

Teton River
Teton River 12x24
$ 400

Snake River Side Channel
Snake River Side Channel 24x30
$ 600

Red Buffalo
Red Buffalo 20 x 26
$ 500

The Grand
The Grand 36 x 60 $ 4000

Rising 22 x 32
$ 600

Remnants of Fall
Remnants of Fall 24 x 36 $ 600

Fall Creek Falls
Fall Creek Falls 16 x 46 $ 600

Fall in the Canyon
Fall in the Canyon 18 x 48 $ 800

Yellowstone, October
Yellowstone, October 36 x 48 $ 2000

Past work


Burns Creek

Burns Creek     24 x 36     sold 


Pacific Creek Moose

Pacific Creek Moose     30 x 40     sold    


Mount Moran

Mt. Moran     18 x 24     sold  


Henrys Fork 

Henry's Fork View     22 x 36     sold 


Teton Riverbank 

Teton Riverbank     16 x 28     sold  


Evening on the Teton 

Evening on the Teton     24 x 40     sold   

 Teton Willow

Teton Willow     8 x 10     sold  


Black Canyon

Black Canyon     30 x 32     sold  


 Cottonwood Bank

 Cottonwood Bank     14 x 34     sold 


 South Fork Cottonwoods

South Fork Cottonwoods     8 x 8     sold  


Oxbow Bend
Oxbow Bend 36x28

Harriman Ranch
Harriman Ranch 48x22

Rainey 16 x 36 (framed)

Cache 16 x 20 sold

Rising (8x10)
Rising 8 x 10 sold

South Bates
South Bates 16 x 36 sold

Teton Willows
Teton Willows 24 x 36 sold

Teton River at Cache
Teton River at Cache 30 x 34 sold

October Reflections 24 x 30 sold

Hole in the Wall
Hole in the Wall 24 x 36 sold

Table Rock
Table Rock 16 x 42 sold

Gormer Canyon
Gormer Canyon
(oil on wood panel)
24 x 48 sold

Bluffs at Dry Canyon 22 x 60 sold

Green River at Warren Bridge
Green River at Warren Bridge 24 x 36 sold

Burns Creek Channel
Burns Creek Channel 24 x 48 sold

Buffalo Fork
Buffalo Fork 24 x 30 sold

Fisher Bottom
Fisher Bottom
(oil on paper - framed)
8 1/2 x 11 sold

South Fork, September
South Fork, September 11 x 14 sold

Fall Creek Road
Fall Creek Road
(oil on cambric - framed)
8 x 10 sold

Targhee Pass Highway
Targhee Pass Highway not for sale

Sienna   not for sale


not for sale

Sandras Aspens
Sandra's Aspens   sold



Spring 2019  

I am in Idaho early this year, teaching flyfishing classes and rowing clinics for WorldCast Anglers. For more info:

I still have openings in August, September and October if you get the chance to fish--book now to reserve your preferred section. 

Hope to see you on the River!   

My 23nd year guiding!

How does this wildest dream keep going? Thank you to my past and present clients and friends.